allegedly combines BACKSTAGE and CHER'S GOLDEN GREATS on one CD. It does not, but deceptively uses masters from an early 70s UA LP comilation

(THE GOLDEN HITS OF CHER) and a retouched illustration of GOLDEN GREATS. Pre-release illustrations of the package more accurately represented the albums within.

Missing GOLDEN GREATS cuts are "Dream Baby", "Take Me For A Little While", "Needles And Pins" and "Where Do You Go".
Extensive but inaccurate liner notes by John Tobler

Stereo Remaster by Andrew Thompson


It appears that Imperial / Liberty (U.S.) neither mixed a mono master or released a mono version of the LP.

Foreign subsidiaries instead folded down the stereo master #12406 for mono and / or mono/stereo compatible releases. (This is unverified)

GOLDEN GREATS does not use the mono-only 45 mix of "You Better Sit Down Kids"

Label timing for "Needles And Pins" (2.26) represents the short fast mono 45 - the track is actually the stereo LP version (2.47)

CAPTOL CD "BANG BANG THE EARLY YEARS" 72434-99900-2-9 (1999)

Includes all GOLDEN GREATS tracks plus "I Go To Sleep", "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me", "Behind The Door""Magic In The Air", "Mama",

"Behind The Door", "Girl From Ipanema" and "It's Not Unusual".

Of the many budget reissues of Cher Imperial compilations during the 90s, it uniquely replicates GOLDEN GREATS.

Mastering by Odea Murphy.

U.S. EMI CDP-591836 'THE BEST OF CHER" (1987)

The first CD attempt at compiling Cher's Imperial tracks on CD uses digital masters primarily created for the casette release pictured on the front.

Devoid of liner notes, the CD probably pre-dated renegotiation of digital format rights and was available as a record club release.

Unremixed LP masters.

1 All I Really Want To Do
2 Come And Stay With Me
3 Where Do You Go
4 Mama (When My Dollies Have Babies)
5 Hey Joe
6 Bang Bang
7 I Feel Like Something's In The Air
8 Come To Your Window
9 I Want You
10 You Better Sit Down Kids



Remixed 2-, 3- and 4-track masters by Larry Walsh.

22 tracks - some countdowns and studio chatter.

With the exception of "Dream Baby" and "She's No Better Than Me", no tracks are the original mono 45 mixes.

"Magic In The Air" and "You Better Sit Down Kids" are not the original mono 45 vocal takes.

"Sunny" and "Hey Joe" are not on this CD release.